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Year 2000 (Y2K) Computer Related Problems & Support

The Northern Neck Computer User Group will be checking PCs for compliance with the Y2K bug.  This check will be offered at regularly scheduled NNCUG meetings and at other times and locations to be determined based on need and desire.  Y2K verification software will also be available at the NNCUG meetings starting in April.

This page is dedicated to providing support and information with regard to the Y2K computer issue.  The links and information provided here was up to date at the time of publishing.  To add a link or other valuable information to this page contact the webmaster.

Why the Problem Exists
Hardware: Personal computers maintain two system dates, one in a chip on the system board (called the real-time clock, or RTC) and one in the operating system. (The counter used by the BIOS for date calculation is not discussed here.) The RTC, which is set initially when the user configures the PC, can be changed through basic input/output system (BIOS) calls. The RTC is powered by an internal battery when the PC is turned off and is therefore able to maintain date and time information continuously. The RTC stores the last two digits of the year along with month and day information in one location and century information in another location.

Diagnostic Programs (These programs will verify if your computer is Y2K compliant)

ZDNet - Online test utility

Y2K Information from Microsoft

National Software Lab



The Federal Reserve Board

The US Government's Gateway to Y2K Information

Y2K Legal and Management Information

Y2K News

These programs are safer than forwarding your computers internal clock to December 31,1999 and watching it roll over because if your computer is not Y2K compliant it may be very difficult to get your computer back to normal operation.

General Information !!!!

Operating Systems - Windows 98 is compliant, but Windows 95 and 3.1 are not.  (Patches can be downloaded from Microsoft's Web Site to fix this problem.)

Apple says that all of its computers made since 1984 are compliant.

Web Browsers - Netscape Communicator 4.0 and beyond are fully compliant; so are Netscape Navigator 2.02 and 3.0.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 for Windows and Mac are fully compliant.  Internet Explorer 3.0 for Windows has some minor problems. 

free.gif (1081 bytes) Get the latest Y2K news delivered to your inbox bi-weekly by clicking here.  Compliments of PC Week!

Click here to get the latest from ZDNet.

free.gif (1081 bytes) Y2K Information/Countdown Calculator/Links/FREE Y2K Checking software

Here is something I bet you hadn't thought would be an issue for Y2K. You
won't be able to use the programmed recording feature in your VCR. Do not
throw away your VCR in the year 2000. Set it on 1972 because the days will
be the same.

Please pass this on because you know the manufacturer will not share this
information. They will want you to buy a new one that is "Y2K complaint."

Instead of upgrading or purchasing new desktops or laptops, companies now have a
cost-effective, simple and fast alternative - PCfix 2000TM from The About Time Group.
Based on four years of research and development, PCfix 2000 is the only guaranteed
universal fix for the Y2K PC desktop and laptop problem. At boot up, PCfix 2000
recovers the valid date for the operating system, CMOS (real time clock) and basic
input/output system (BIOS) chip and provides automatic date adjustments and recovery
without disruption of workflow for the life of the PC.   Check it out.

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