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Hardware Review

Visioneer 3100 USB Scanner


Visioneer 3100 USB Scanner (the kind that you can just plug in and go (ha ha)!!

I purchased a 3100 USB scanner last November. I have to tell you that I have never received such a computer product and associated support before. The scanner has never worked for more than one page without having to be reinstalled after locking up my computer. Getting through to your tech support is also very disappointing. The average hold time that I experienced was over 40 minutes, and so far, not worth the wait.

When I did get through I was told by the first tech that I had something they had never seen before. He basically walked me through removing and reinstalling the scanner and then said there was nothing else he could do. Other techs have told me everything from "don’t plug your scanner into anything other than directly into the wall outlet. Power strips prevent the scanner from performing correctly." "Your USB ports must not be configured correctly. You’ll have to talk to your computer manufacturer." I have since then been able to use other USB devices on my PC without problems.
One tech actually recognized one of the errors I was receiving and sent me an Email that would tell me how to fix it. The Email arrived and all it said was verify that your system does not have these types of cards - we have been unable to make this scanner work with these cards. Again, not very helpful.

I have now had this lemon for a longer period than I am allowed to return it.

NOTE:  I had been going to a particular computer store for an extended period of time, and even though I was technically past the return period, once they found out the product I wanted to return, they allowed me to return it without penalty.  It seems as though I was one of many who couldn't get this product to work.   The company never did acknowledge a problem with their product.

I ended up getting a PageScan USB scanner from StormTech.   I plugged it in and it worked perfectly right from the start.