PentaZip 4.1 Compatibility with Windows Me

Claude Ostfeld, PentaWare's CEO, provided the following response to NNCUG's inquiry regarding compatibility with Windows Me:

In response to your query concerning PentaZip and ME, we have no problems whatsoever with a machine that has ME installed fresh. That means that ME is the first operating system on that machine or that ME was installed on a machine that also had WIN95 or 98 as a separate operating system.
We (as have some other producers) have experienced numerous problems when ME has been installed "on top" of Win 95 or Win 98 as an upgrade to one of these systems. This has nothing to do with PentaZip as it is a problem that can be linked to the complicated nature of this sort of Operating System upgrade. Basically the contents of the WIN95/WIN98 Registry don't always get "inherited" correctly when ME gets installed as an update.
From what we have seen the people that have complained of imperfect installs of PentaZip on ME have had therefore the following scenario:

a) install of ME was made on top of a prior version of Windows

b) numerous problems experienced (using under ME) many previously installed programs (i.e. programs that were installed under the previous operating system version)
c) pentazip had been installed while the system was running Win98 and then ME was put in subsequently
d) in these cases a total uninstall of PentaZip with a re-install of the version that is on the CD you have has never failed to rectify everything.