PentaZip 4.1 Shareware

PentaWare, Inc., makers of PentaZip, has provided free copies of PentaZip 4.1 CDs to NNCUG for evaluation of the software by our members.  Copies of the CD were made available to attendees at the January monthly meeting.  PentaZip is a file compression utility similar to WinZip and is described on PentaWare, Inc.'s web site at  The web site also provides a PentaZip 4.1 demo download capability.

This shareware costs $29.95 for a single user to register after 120 days of demo usage.  The user's guide on the CD and PentaZip's page have descriptions of what this software is designed to do.  The installed software includes a tutorial.  PentaWare also provided a certification statement for PentaZip 4.1's use with Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and a statement regarding its compatibility with Windows Me.

Contact Betty Lehman, 804-435-2011,, for further information.

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