The Parr Family

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50 Years Of Forever Together

John & Pat Celebrated Their 50th

Wedding Anniversary on

October 6, 1998!

Our Home and Business In Haynesville Va.

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John retired from his Electronic Business

Pat retired as postmaster of Haynesville Post Office

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Our Family

David, Janice, Amy, Gloria and Lisa
Sitting, John & Pat

(Their are 21 Grandchildren

A Brief History

The year was 1947, the place: Warsaw High School, where someone tapped Patsy on the shoulder and said," this boy here
need help with his math, can you help him?" She did, sorta, and they've been adding and multiplying ever since.
With John in his Sailor suit, Patsy in a fuschia suit and George Franklin, Jr. as witness, on October 6,1948, they were
married in La Plata, Md. In a few days he went back to the USS Fresno, she to Miss Claud's typing class.
After graduation in 1949 and Navy discharge in 1950, they resided a short while in Warsaw, then moved to Haynesville,Va. where they have stayed planted.

1951 brought forth their first born, Gloria, followed in 1953 by their only son, David. 1961 produced Janice, quickly
followed by Lisa in 1963. In 1969, Patsy's ulcer turned out to be yet another daughter, Amy.
John owned and operated an Electronics business for forty years and Pat was Postmaster for twenty-nine years. They have
enjoyed boating, camping, music and many travels, and since retirement been involved with volunteering and teaching.
In addition, they have been blessed with seventeen grandchildren, seven step-grandchildren and one great step-grandchild.