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Software Review

My Advanced Brochures Mailers & More

This software package by MySoftware is incredibly easy to use and produces professional designs in minutes. It comes with both a CD-ROM and 3.5" floppies that work with either Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.

In Windows 95 MyBrochures creates a folder within the Programs menu for MySoftware products. This feature is new as older MySoftware programs were placed in their own individual folder. Clustering programs from a single producer is both convenient and an efficient use of MS Windows.

The program welcome screen offers three document creation options: create a "New" one, "Open" an existing one or "Jump Start".

The first screen for both Jump Start and New has index tabs across the top for the various types of materials that the software will create. These include: brochures, letterhead, newsletters, flyers, business cards, post cards, note cards, envelopes and labels.

Selecting Jump Start, the user is presented with a wide array of professionally designed samples that can then be customized for a particular application. These run the gamut of things that various types of small business would need including such specific items as menus, business cards, letterhead, certificates, note cards, announcements, promotions, travel packages, real estate offers and instructional courses. The examples within Jump Start have graphics and text within "place holders". All a user needs to do is replace the text and/or graphics within each place holder and the predefined layouts are preserved.

With the New selection (opposed to Jump Start), the user can select specialty papers from BeaverPrints, Geographics, PaperDirect or just plain paper stock. For each of the three paper manufacturers a second window allows for specifying the paper name. Once selected the actual paper backgrounds appear on the screen. For those who choose plain paper stock, there is a wide array of printable artistic designs from which to choose. These include emblems, borders, color gradations, cameos, etc. Design options displayed are limited to those that will work with a particular printer, as defined in printer setup within MS Windows.

There are lots of easy-to-use design features. These include custom character and line spacing, a complete set of drawing tools, foolproof printer alignment, text and graphics rotation and automatic text wrap.

As an added bonus on the program CD, there are 125 fonts, 5,000 graphic images plus 500 photos that may be imported into documents. MyBrochures supports graphics and clipart in most all the popular file types such as TIFF, JPG, BMP, WPG, and many more such as Kodak’s PCD format.

The package comes with a spelling checker that may be customized for checking text. This works like those in word processing programs by checking the dictionary and selecting misspelled or unknown words.

MyBrochures also allows for merging a database containing names and addresses for use with form letters, envelopes and postcards. MySoftware produces its own MyMailList and MyDatabase software; however, both dBase and comma delimited ASCII test files are supported as well. There is a subset button within the MyBrochures Mail Merge dialog, which allows for extracting selective data fields from large database records.

MySoftware is dedicated to producing small business product solutions that are easy to use. It has a winner with My Advanced Brochures Mailers & More. Not only is it easy to use, but it is highly adaptable to the needs of individual users - both for business and personal applications.

 System Requirements:  Platform: 386 or higher, Operating System: Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows 98, RAM: 8 MB, Drive Space: 8-28 MB

MySoftware Company

1259 El Camino Real, Suite 167

Menlo Park, CA 94025-4227

650 473-3600

Technical Support: 970 522-3000

First two calls are free to registered users. Various pay per call or contracts are available for additional support beyond the initial calls.

Price $49.95 list; street price - a little more than $40.