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Software Review

Attempted Evaluation of "LOST & FOUND"

"Lost & Found, version 1.0" is a data recovery system produced by the PowerQuest Corporation, PO Box 1911, Orem, UT 84059-1911. It is priced at $69.99 (street price $58.99).

It was not possible to evaluate this product because of great difficulties in loading and trying to use the program. After it had been loaded it generated this error message: "This Disk is corrupted or has no accessible partitions." The PowerQuest technical support group was advised of this problem by e-mail.

While awaiting their response, I ran "Scandisk" to check my hard drive. No errors were found with drive C.

The PQ tech support people made recommendations, after a few days, and I tried once more to carry out the evaluation. Once again I had the same results, and contacted Tech Support again.

Their response this time was to use their "Search & Rescue" program, which was sent as an attachment. I loaded "Search & Rescue" and my computer became locked up: the Windows 95 desktop and all the icons appeared but I could do nothing further. I contacted Tech. Support, using my old computer, and a week later I received instructions on how to get back in operation.

I followed the recommended procedure and restored the normal operation of my computer.

Based on all the difficulties I had just experienced, I decided to abandon any further attempts to evaluate "Lost & Found", or any other new products.

Reported by Robert B. Burdick, April 27, 1999, for the Northern Neck Computer Users Group.

PowerQuest has asked us to include this message: "User group members may purchase Lost & Found at a special price of $30 by ordering from the secure web site at Indicate the special price code.