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NNCUG, PO Box 1213 Kilmarnock, VA 22482  

The second Saturday of the month is our next Meeting!  

Saturday, June 9, 2001

Jeni Hillman with Executive Software will make a presentation about disk fragmentation under Windows operating systems and methods for increasing system and overall network performance.

The June newsletter is now available.

Newsletters are available online.

Get the Adobe Acrobat Reader Here.

Upcoming Meetings and Presentations

  The next board meeting is June 1, 2001.  The next general meeting is June 9, 2001.

Computer Labs - Open to the Public

The Lancaster Computer Lab is co-sponsored by the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce.  It is held at the Chamber of Commerce offices, 453-A North Main Street (Chesapeake Commons Shopping Center) in Kilmarnock, Virginia.  The lab is open every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 10:00AM to Noon.

The Northumberland Computer Lab is held at the Northumberland Public Library in Heathsville, Virginia.  It meets each week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10:00AM to Noon.

Purpose of the NNCUG

The NNCUG was founded to expand the knowledge and experience base of it's members.   Regular meetings are held the second Saturday of each month.   All members, guests and visitors are welcome to attend the regular meetings.

NNCUG is now 501 (c) (3) certified by the Internal Revenue Service.   What does this mean to you?  Simply, any donations you make to us of software or computer related equipment, can be regarded as tax deductible on your part.  We will then pass your donations on to a local school or library.  Everybody benefits.  For more information contact any of the officers or the webmaster.

If you don't know computers - you need us!  If you do know computers - we need you!

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)


The Genealogy SIG's next meeting will be Monday, June 11, 2001, at 2:30PM in the Lancaster Community Library in Kilmarnock.  Gordon Davison will demonstrate two software programs.  For further information, please contact Ann Thompson, 804-580-8210,


The Publishing SIG discusses many of the how-to's associated with publishing programs. These include formatting, inserting photos, making and saving templates, and producing printable copies.  The SIG's next meeting will be Thursday, June 14, 2001, at 2:30PM.  Please contact Betty Lehman, 804-435-2011,, for details.

Web Site Design

The Web Site Design SIG considers various aspects of web site design and development, including media available to publish a simple web page at no charge to the user.  The SIG's next meeting tentatively is scheduled at 6:00PM on Thursday, June 21, 2001, at the Northumberland Public Library in Heathsville.  Access to the Internet and web site development software will be available for review by attendees.  For further information, please contact Alan Trickey, 804-462-7898,

New Items of Interest

PentaZip 4.1 shareware available on CD for review.

Virus updates and other important virus and security Information is now available!!!

Computer show schedules for locations convenient to the Northern Neck are now located on the events page!!

Online real-time meeting/discussion capabilities are now available in the Chat Room.

Check out Dummies Daily!!  Personalized daily updates on a variety of topics delivered to your mailbox daily!!!

If you experience problems downloading the Adobe Acrobat Reader, let us know and we will loan you a CD for installation.

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