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Computer Related News

Check this page daily for the latest in computer news from a variety of sources!!!

Here is something I bet you hadn't thought would be an issue for Y2K. You won't be able to use the programmed recording feature in your VCR. Do not throw away your VCR in the year 2000. Set it on 1972 because the days will
be the same.

Please pass this on because you know the manufacturer will not share this information. They will want you to buy a new one that is "Y2K complaint."


Will January 1, 2000 be the end of the world as we know it? Or just another hungover New Year's Day? The dreaded year 2000 (Y2K) bug is on its way--but how big a pest will it really be? CNET's Special Report gives you all the resources you need to find out, from the latest news to downloadable Y2K testing software, plus our list of the best Y2K sites on the Web:

Most importantly, our top story tells you what you need to know to get all aspects of your PC--from your ROM to your
Internet connection--in shape for the millennium:

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Information

There are well over one and a half million names currently registered in .COM. Most desirable names are already taken.

To relieve the chronic shortage of names in the .COM, .ORG, and .NET domains, TABNet is now making available the .CC and the .TO top-level domain for web sites and email. Unlike alternative domain names, the .CC and .TO names are now fully operational in all name servers worldwide, exactly like the .COM names.

Until now, the name shortage situation has been a frustration for consumers and ISPs alike, as people really need the best possible domain name for their businesses on the Web. TABNet is helping to provide our customers with the names they need. This may be your last chance to acquire your domain name of choice.

By integrating Cocos Keeling Island's .CC and The Kingdom of Tonga's .TO top level domain into TABNet's registration services, the entire Internet now has quick and easy access to some of the best names the Web has to offer.

For more information, check out C/Net.

If there is another computer news related site that you check out regularly, and you would like to have it added to this page, contact the webmaster.   Please note that all links and telephone numbers, if any, were correct at the time they were published. If a link/telephone number is modified, or you would like to add to this list, please inform the webmaster.

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