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Software Review

Check  2000 PC

CHECK 2000 PC by Tony Rivera

I volunteered to evaluate this software because I not only wanted to identify potential YK2 problems but I wanted them fixed. The software states it will audit your installed PC software program; highlight which of them have issues with date changes and details these issues and defines them clearly. It gives you practical advice on how best to counteract the issues. It also will tell you whether your basic BIOS will rollover from 1999 to 2000.

Installation: The software comes on two 3-½ inch disks. Loading is as usual. Clear instructions are provided. As usual you should close any programs you have running. After asking for information on your PC the software lets you select the drives to be checked. You can programs on your "C" drive as well as your "B", "D", "E", Etc.

Hardware Scan Check 2000 PC testing consists of (1) Detecting Hardware; (2) testing Windows 95 date setting; (3) Sets date to Jan 1, 1980, Jan 1, 2000 and (4) Rollover dates after Sep 8, 1999; Dec 31, 1999; Feb 28, 2000 and Feb 28, 2001.

Software Scan Finally, it checks your disk drive(s) for programs with known year 2000 date dependencies.
Upon completion of this phase you are presented with a main screen that gives you the results. You may view results by clicking on different buttons.

Evaluation The program did exactly what it promised. It identified areas that needed attention. As an example it indicated that my Win 95 environment has failed, it was not Y2K compliant. It also gave me a list of all programs that might have problems and had suggestions of what I should do. My first step was to go on the net to Microsoft and downloaded a fix to WIN 95 to make it Y2K compatible. I have set up priorities of the programs I can’t do without. I contacting the developers and getting updates whenever possible. Overall it’s nice to have a program that does what it says it will. Although it does fix your BIOS if it is needed, the rest of the updating is up to you. I recommend it highly.